5 Reasons To Use Engineered Wood

1. It’s green.  Now I know green is in vogue so it probably seems like an advertisement for me to place this first.  But hear me out.  With technology what it is today in design software and saws that work with it, we’ve reduced the waste from even large homes to virtually a small pile of sawdust.  Waste not want not is the saying, and our truss plant is a true “waste not” facility.

2. It’s assembled in a controlled environment.  Now I’m not saying that there are not good quality framers out there.  But in a world where true craftsmen are becoming a thing of the past, it’s good to know that walls come out square and trusses are exactly as designed.

3. Speed.  At a NAHB show a few years ago, the WTCA assembled two identical 2600 sq. ft. houses using stick framing on one and wall panels/trusses on the other.  They found that in assembly, the trussed house saved 253 man hours (roughly $4560 worth) and 5300 board feet of wood (about $1529 worth).

4. Home-specific design.  It is vitally important how you design the framing of a home; the way the load transfers from one board to the other, how loads are carried from ceiling to ground, what types of material will work best in a given situation, etc.  We design components specifically for each home we build.  A house using components is fully engineered.


5. Reduced theft.  This may not be a “top 5” reason but it is worth pointing out.  Jobsite theft has been rampant at times and its bad for everybody (even the thief but that’s a different blog).  The truth is, its simply a lot harder to steal a wall panel or a truss.  And even if you did, what would you do with it?  It’s designed per house (see reason #4).

There are many other reasons but I believe all this adds up to it being a good idea to use components.  We’ll be happy to talk to you more about it of you call (256-852-7411) or check out our website for more information.

4 Responses to “5 Reasons To Use Engineered Wood”

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