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Top 3 reasons to install an Iron Door

I would venture to guess that many of you reading this either a) did not realize there was such a thing as iron doors for homes, or b) did not realize how popular they are.  So with that in mind, and as I am always one to spur a little creativity, I thought I’d post a few reasons for their popularity.

But first, what’s an iron door, you ask?  I’m glad you did.  Here are a couple we installed recently in new homes.

So here we go.  Three reasons to install an iron door on your home.

Reason #1. Iron Doors require little to no maintenance.  Obviously, dust can get on anything.  But there is never any need to paint or stain an iron door, or the frame.  When it’s installed, your finished, forever.  Maybe a swiffer now and then and you’re golden.

Reason #2. Iron Doors can be made to fit just about any opening.  Size and shape is no problem (well, within reason I suppose).  We haven’t come across anything yet we couldn’t retrofit.  Single, double, arch-top, transom, whatever.

Reason #3. Iron Doors are easy to get installed.  OK, this should be qualified I suppose.  It is iron after all so its not exactly light.  Even so, a professional, experienced installer (which we are) can do it quickly and make it look as great as your home deserves.

Here is a before and after of a job we did recently.

If I may add a fourth reason, just look at them!  Iron doors are the coolest.  Now I’ll admit that they may not be a fit for every home but boy are they great looking!  Come by the store sometime and see our display.  Or call us (256-852-7411) and as always you can see us on the web for more information.


Why you should buy local, part 5

Before I get to the 5th reason to buy local (and there are more than 5, its just that this particular week had only 5 weekdays in it:)), lets review what reasons we’ve listed so far.

Reason #1:  You can talk to the owner.

Reason #2: Products are different at local stores vs. national stores.

Reason #3: You are buying not only from some local owner, but local people.

Reason #4: The flexibility of the company.

Now reason number 5 is a bit more Wilson Lumber specific.  And you’ll have to forgive me here because I have sentimental attachment to this one.  My grandfather started the company.  Its the only job my Dad, uncles or myself ever had.  I even grew up next door.  Therefore, reason number 5 must be:

Reason #5: The history of the company.

We are old Huntsville, and new Huntsville, and everything in between.

Clyde Wilson moved his family to Huntsville in 1949 to start a lumber company with his brother in law Ellard Murphree.  As simple as it sounds, they both had some land with some wood on it and figured they could cut it and sell it in Huntsville.  They were right.  The next year “Uncle Ellard” sold his portion of the business to Clyde.

They cut the wood, took it to the mill, got it from the mill, and sold it here.  Here is where you insert all the jokes about Granddad being “vertically integrated”.  And then more jokes about the grandson (me) not even knowing which end of a chainsaw to hold.

While I was searching for a couple of pictures to include in this I came across a couple of paintings my Grand-mom did.  She used to paint a lot and she is one of those people that never thought she was any good at it.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Hmm. Reason number 6 may be that when you are cleaning out offices at local businesses, you find treasures like this.

Anyway, we’ve come a long way.  Huntsville has been good to us, and we want the best for Huntsville.  Visit us for more info on the web and thanks for reading.


Why you should buy local, part 4

Part 4 in my 5 part series, buy local.  It is my strong desire to make sure that while explaining reasons to buy from local businesses, I do not alienate or speak poorly of national chains.  After all, most all of them were at one time, local businesses.

At the same time, there are some benefits to doing business locally.  Leading us to the next reason.

Reason #4: The flexibility of the company.

This delivery went out yesterday morning.

Well, that’s not the impressive part.  The impressive part is this.  It is a new customer and this was a first order of this type from them.  In our book, that places them on the “urgent” list.  Our dispatcher got the order at 9pm Tuesday night.  It was on the job site at 6:30am Wednesday morning.

Again, I am not throwing rocks at national chains but… name one that could do that.

Of course we have policies and procedures and all the things that a healthy company has.  But we recognize that if we don’t stay nimble and flexible, we become harder to do business with.  And that is something we cannot do.

To check out other services we provide see our webpage.  Better yet, give us a call (256-852-7411) for your next project.


Why you should buy local, part 3

Quick recap.  This is a 5 part blog on buying local and I have been clear that there are more reasons for it than just to feel better about yourself (although feel free to add that one if you like).  So far we have:

Reason #1:  You can talk to the owner.

Reason #2: Products are different at local stores vs. national stores.

The third reason is my favorite.  It is this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Reason #3: You are buying not only from some local owner, but local people.

Now I know that the worker at Wal-mart is just as “local” as anyone at Wilson Lumber.  I will suggest, ever so carefully, that the people here are here because they like taking care of local people.

Nowhere is that more true than that picture just above of Amy and Linda.  They are designers in our Cabinet and Closet departments.  It’s almost sickening how much customers love them.  Sometimes people want to do business with me because I’m the “owner”, but it doesn’t take them long to get over that when they realize that a) I don’t know what I’m talking about and b) Amy and Linda do and are a lot nicer than me anyway:).

We are, local people serving local people.  Give us a shot at serving you.  Call us at 256-852-7411 or see us on the web.

Look for installment number 4 tomorrow.


Why you should buy local, part 2

“Buy local.”  Now I want to be careful here.  One shouldn’t use that slogan simply as a means to guilt someone into doing business with local companies.  In fact, sometimes you can’t buy local.

We bought a couple of Mahindra tractors a couple of years ago.  Great tractors but the dealer stopped selling them since then so when we need replacement parts, there is no local place to get them.

Many times, however, people have misconceptions about local places that need to be cleared up.  Leading us to reason #2 to buy local.

Reason #2: Products are different at local stores vs. national stores.

Now before you start thinking I’m crazy, let me give an example.  An 18 volt cordless drill is an 18 volt cordless drill right.  Well, of course you wouldn’t agree with that.  But a DeWalt 18 volt cordless drill is a DeWalt 18 volt cordless drill right?  Wrong.

Many manufacturers (including the aforementioned one) have a product line for national chains and a product line for different distribution channels.  This is true with tools, windows, even golf clubs and many other things.

Even more pronounced is the difference in products from different manufacturers at a local place vs. a chain.  Here I can really only speak for us as I am not sure about other local businesses.

The truth is, when a chain chooses a manufacturer, they choose based on the one that makes products that they can sell the most of or make the most profit on.  And rightfully so, that sounds logical to me.

However, just because they can sell the most of that product across the country does not mean that product is the best fit for Huntsville, Alabama.  This is also true in tools, siding, windows, especially iron doors, and more.

The point is, know what you are buying.  And when you buy at Wilson Lumber and hopefully other local businesses, you have some assurance that you’re buying the right products.  See our website for more information.

Thanks for reading and look for Reason #3 tomorrow.




Why you should buy local, Part 1

This week I’ll do a series of blogs entitled “Why You Should Buy Local”.  Now let’s make one thing clear from the start.  I have nothing against not buying local.  In fact, there isn’t much I like more than a yummy delicious Cosmic Karma pizza from Mellow Mushroom (not local).  On the other hand, the Supreme pizza from Tortora’s (local) is also delightful.

The bottom line is this, you should buy where ever best fits your need.  Enter Wilson Lumber.  We have toilet flappers.  But really, it doesn’t really matter where you buy toilet flappers.   If you need it, you need it.  They’re reasonably priced anywhere and everywhere has a decent selection.  Buy them local, buy at a box store, whatever.  So I have nothing against buying from chains.  With that in mind, here we go.

Reason #1:  You can talk to the owner.

That’s us on the right (Robb/me, Ken, Rick, Russ, Steve).  Something about our name being on the building gives us a little extra incentive to make sure you are happy after having been here.  But that’s not really all.

Should something go wrong with an order (and of course it never does here at Wilson Lumber 🙂 ), you can talk directly to us about it.  Generally, I find that’s not needed as we have the best people working here, but that’s a blog for later this week.  Honestly, I get quite a few more calls complimenting my staff than complaining about anything.

Anyway, A couple of those guys in the picture above are retired and my Granddad, who founded the company passed away a few years ago.

But not before he passed along a work ethic second to none and a passion for treating people with integrity.  You know, I’m not sure that if I had asked him, he could have put into words his business philosophy.  For him, it was just as simple as doing the right thing.

I think most local business owners have somewhat the same theory.  Just do the right thing.  I can’t guarantee that for all local businesses of course but I know one that lives by it.

Call us (256-852-7411) or see us on the web to see for yourself.

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