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Why you should buy local, Part 1

This week I’ll do a series of blogs entitled “Why You Should Buy Local”.  Now let’s make one thing clear from the start.  I have nothing against not buying local.  In fact, there isn’t much I like more than a yummy delicious Cosmic Karma pizza from Mellow Mushroom (not local).  On the other hand, the Supreme pizza from Tortora’s (local) is also delightful.

The bottom line is this, you should buy where ever best fits your need.  Enter Wilson Lumber.  We have toilet flappers.  But really, it doesn’t really matter where you buy toilet flappers.   If you need it, you need it.  They’re reasonably priced anywhere and everywhere has a decent selection.  Buy them local, buy at a box store, whatever.  So I have nothing against buying from chains.  With that in mind, here we go.

Reason #1:  You can talk to the owner.

That’s us on the right (Robb/me, Ken, Rick, Russ, Steve).  Something about our name being on the building gives us a little extra incentive to make sure you are happy after having been here.  But that’s not really all.

Should something go wrong with an order (and of course it never does here at Wilson Lumber 🙂 ), you can talk directly to us about it.  Generally, I find that’s not needed as we have the best people working here, but that’s a blog for later this week.  Honestly, I get quite a few more calls complimenting my staff than complaining about anything.

Anyway, A couple of those guys in the picture above are retired and my Granddad, who founded the company passed away a few years ago.

But not before he passed along a work ethic second to none and a passion for treating people with integrity.  You know, I’m not sure that if I had asked him, he could have put into words his business philosophy.  For him, it was just as simple as doing the right thing.

I think most local business owners have somewhat the same theory.  Just do the right thing.  I can’t guarantee that for all local businesses of course but I know one that lives by it.

Call us (256-852-7411) or see us on the web to see for yourself.

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