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Why you should buy local, part 2

“Buy local.”  Now I want to be careful here.  One shouldn’t use that slogan simply as a means to guilt someone into doing business with local companies.  In fact, sometimes you can’t buy local.

We bought a couple of Mahindra tractors a couple of years ago.  Great tractors but the dealer stopped selling them since then so when we need replacement parts, there is no local place to get them.

Many times, however, people have misconceptions about local places that need to be cleared up.  Leading us to reason #2 to buy local.

Reason #2: Products are different at local stores vs. national stores.

Now before you start thinking I’m crazy, let me give an example.  An 18 volt cordless drill is an 18 volt cordless drill right.  Well, of course you wouldn’t agree with that.  But a DeWalt 18 volt cordless drill is a DeWalt 18 volt cordless drill right?  Wrong.

Many manufacturers (including the aforementioned one) have a product line for national chains and a product line for different distribution channels.  This is true with tools, windows, even golf clubs and many other things.

Even more pronounced is the difference in products from different manufacturers at a local place vs. a chain.  Here I can really only speak for us as I am not sure about other local businesses.

The truth is, when a chain chooses a manufacturer, they choose based on the one that makes products that they can sell the most of or make the most profit on.  And rightfully so, that sounds logical to me.

However, just because they can sell the most of that product across the country does not mean that product is the best fit for Huntsville, Alabama.  This is also true in tools, siding, windows, especially iron doors, and more.

The point is, know what you are buying.  And when you buy at Wilson Lumber and hopefully other local businesses, you have some assurance that you’re buying the right products.  See our website for more information.

Thanks for reading and look for Reason #3 tomorrow.



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