Why you should buy local, part 3

Quick recap.  This is a 5 part blog on buying local and I have been clear that there are more reasons for it than just to feel better about yourself (although feel free to add that one if you like).  So far we have:

Reason #1:  You can talk to the owner.

Reason #2: Products are different at local stores vs. national stores.

The third reason is my favorite.  It is this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Reason #3: You are buying not only from some local owner, but local people.

Now I know that the worker at Wal-mart is just as “local” as anyone at Wilson Lumber.  I will suggest, ever so carefully, that the people here are here because they like taking care of local people.

Nowhere is that more true than that picture just above of Amy and Linda.  They are designers in our Cabinet and Closet departments.  It’s almost sickening how much customers love them.  Sometimes people want to do business with me because I’m the “owner”, but it doesn’t take them long to get over that when they realize that a) I don’t know what I’m talking about and b) Amy and Linda do and are a lot nicer than me anyway:).

We are, local people serving local people.  Give us a shot at serving you.  Call us at 256-852-7411 or see us on the web.

Look for installment number 4 tomorrow.

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