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This just in…BUTCHER BLOCK

Now Introducing…

Blackmon Boards

at Wilson Lumber!

These Cutting Boards and Islands are made by two men in Athens, AL. They offer the styles shown above or can make you a custom sized board and/or island! Seriously, what is better than local products?

Now let reality set in….Christmas will be here before you know it. Sorry, was it too soon to hear that? What is a better gift for your favorite mother-in-law or sister that you never know what to get them? They actually make perfect gifts for weddings/birthdays as well.

Choose from 8 wood species: maples, cherry, ash, walnut, hickory (shown above), birch, and mahogany

Walnut and Maple Striped Cutting Board

Choose your shape: Round, Rectangle, Paddle, or Small Oval cuttings…they will all get the job done and look beautiful sitting out on your countertops!

16″ Diameter

These natural cutting boards are very easy to clean. Use any mineral oil cleanser about every 3 months.  Beware of standing water on the surface, abrasive cleaners, and dyed products that could possibly bleed on the boards or butcher block countertops.  These butcher block boards are something that you will keep with you for years down the road. Keep it maintained and it will stay with you for a lifetime!

A benefit for it being made locally is that you can always get in touch with the artisan for additional questions or product needs.  

If you have any questions please call us, 256-852-7411.  

Even better – stop by and see the craftmanship and quality! 4818 Meridian Street Huntsville, AL 35811


Door Matters

What difference does it make where you get your doors?  Just whoever has them the cheapest right?  Well, I suppose that depends on if you’re looking for the cheapest doors…

I’d like to submit 3 reasons why you should buy your doors from the company that builds them (well, us).  First however, a definition is in order.  By “builds” I mean that we order the parts in and assemble them into a door.  i.e. we take the jamb, the door slab, the casing, etc. and put it all together to make a door unit.

  +    +    = 

Reason #1:  Single source purchase.  We ask the right questions and we take the order.  Assuming you give us the right answers, all the responsibility lies on us.  That is good for everybody.  We’ve been doing this a while, so we know what we need to know, so to speak.

Doors are not a simple commodity.  It takes a good bit of information flow.  BTW, I left this picture a little fuzzy on purpose in case our software company would get mad at me for showing anything proprietary:)

Reason #2:  Special Items.  This is partly back to the information flow thing, but its pretty rare that people ask for something we can’t produce, and quickly.  Even odd sizes for under stairs, attic access, or whatever, we can usually knock out pretty quick.  The good news is this, with as much experience as we have, even when we cant build it, we know where to get it.

Reason #3:  “David Stapler is a pretty swell guy.”  OK, this one begs some explanation.  When I asked around the company for some reasons, this was one given.  David is the Door Shop Manager.  First, I thought it was funny.  Then I realized, “Wait, that matters!”  Doesn’t the question of who you do business with come down to trust?  Well, David is a pretty swell guy, as is most everybody else here, so I’m going with it as reason number 3.

(Actual David not pictured here)

There are more reasons of course.  Our selection, quick turnaround, expertise and all that.  You’ll find that stuff out when you come by the store or check us out on the web.


if you haven’t been to Burritt on the mountain…

If you haven’t been to Burritt on the Mountain, why not?  For those that may not be from around here, it’s a historic park/museum/gathering place for weddings, special events, etc.  It’s on top of Monte Sano Mountain with beautiful views of our great city of Huntsville.

Rabbit trail: When I was in elementary school we did a field trip there.  What I remember was the guide telling us a story about a white man and an Native-American woman named Monte who were in love.  Her Dad was asking her to move away or something and the white man was whispering to her from behind a tree, “Monte, say no”.  Hence the name, Monte Sano mountain… I don’t know.

Anyway, picture.

This porch is being built onto the Baron Bluff Building at Burritt.  This is a rare new structure they’re building.  The design is for it to be reminiscent of an old hotel that was on the mountain in the 1800’s and it will be used for special events.

Pearce Construction is building it and the architect is Les Tillery with Fuqua & Partners.

We provided this porch flooring from Aeratis. It’s still a little dusty right now during construction.  I’ll get some more pictures when the job is done.  But, Aeratis is a PVC board for porches that is tongue and groove and great for historic applications.  Three colors, great warranty, blah blah blah.  I’m not the expert but our salesman Alan Hill is, so call him (256-852-7411).

Sorry for all the links in this blog, there’s just lots of cool stuff.  Hey, I warned you in an earlier blog about Huntsville being the coolest city in the world.

See us on the web or come by the store.


Why you call a door an “entryway”

It’s really just an exterior door.  But often we in the business refer to a front door as an “entryway”.  Why?  Well, because it sounds cooler I guess is part of the honest truth.  But sometimes its because not all doors are created equal.

Two examples.  A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about iron doors being the coolest.  I may have to take that back.  Case in point, the before and after photo’s below.  First, this is what we removed.

We replaced it with a DSA Pinehurst with a speakeasy (a speakeasy is a panel you can open and close over the window in the door, you cant see it pictured here).  This is not iron but is pretty doggone cool.

Our sales Rep says this: “I spoke with this customer at the home show and he told me that he wanted to change all the doors in his home and go with something more upscale like the DSA doors and the Eagle doors.  I think he was wanting to take out the transom above the old door and give it the look of a taller door with no transom.  He chose us because we had the products he was looking for along with expertise and professional installation.  In fact, the job was done so well that he decided to add a bifolding door to the inside of his home.”

Anyway, mission accomplished on the “look of a taller door” thing.  What a difference that made to the front of this home!  And the old door wasn’t bad looking to begin with.

Now I still love iron doors, so here’s another case in point.  First, here is what we removed on this job last week.

Again, not a terrible looking door to begin with, has character.  But look at the remarkable difference the new entry made.

Well, I’m jealous.  Come by the store or see us on the web for more information.

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