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no time

Where does the time go?  Steve Miller would say its slipping, slipping, slipping… into the future.

I’ve not been able to find any lately.  It’s terribly hard to keep a blog going when you never sit in front of a computer.  So this evening I’m looking quickly through my iphone to see if I have any pictures I’ve taken that I intended to blog about.  I found this:

That’s a cool picture of a job of floor trusses we built.  I have several others like it.  Neat, clean, big.  The problem is, I have no idea what I was going to blog about.  But I’m sure it was going to be great…

By the way, I also found this on my iphone:

It’s a terrible photo of my two awesome sons on the cart track in Gulf Shores.  We were there for my cousins wedding (Gulf Shores, not the cart track).  I’ve got so many cousins we got tired of getting married in Huntsville so we moved this one to the beach.

Here’s another:

Temple run, Brave version.  If I recall correctly, my kids thought it was cool that somehow they got her to run backwards.  That was between arguing whether to outfit her with the blue dress or the green dress.  Apparently, the brown one was unanimously out of the question.

Oh, and this:

The cockpit of the Piper Warrior that I just got certified in.  I know it may not be much to look at but its a good plane and I like to fly it.

Well, there you go.  Recent pictures from my cell phone.  Obviously I need to get back to work.

I cant imagine what from this post we might could help you with at Wilson Lumber but in any case, find us if you need us on the web or give us a call (256-852-7411).


Frame It Out

Yes we frame out homes, but did you know we also frame mirrors?

Such an easy upgrade to your bathroom or any room in your home.  If you are  needing just that one extra special touch, frames can make a difference.

When selecting the frame for the mirror (or artwork!) the overall size is VERY important. Might need to repeat that… the overall size (mirror and frame) is very important when selecting frames. It would not be wise to put a 1.5″ – 2″ wide frame on a 48″x42″ mirror. First, think about the scale. A thin frame on such a widespread mirror will barely stand out. Second, The weight of the mirror (even with the mirror installed to the wall) will be overbearing on such a thin frame.

For the 2012 Showcase Home I had originally decided on a 1.75″ wide frame. After going out to measure for the overall size, I quickly learned that frame was too thin. Luckily, the frame I had originally chosen came in a thicker size (shown below) and happens to be one of Kendall-Hartcraft’s most popular frame.

The images shown above are all Kendall-Hartcraft frames.

They have a variety of framing options and the styles range from your basics to decorative and detailed. Whatever you want they will have it! (white, black, bronze, silver, tan, etc.)

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Glass…not only for your Showers

I went to a condo tour this past spring in Atlanta, GA. One of the many things that caught my eye were the bathroom layouts. They weren’t large but were designed well.

Think about it…less sheetrock more glass…

Shown above is a Pivot Glass door and wall system in a frosted glass. Please just take a look at the back-to-back door pull… My, my, my – I just love it.

To clarify, Wilson’s did not supply the door/walls, but we can sure can make it happen for you if live in the Tennessee Valley. Complimentary Design services are offered at Wilsons.

Again, the door pull is perfect. The image above is of the shower in the same bathroom. The shower and lavatory stalls were in opposite corners of the room with a tub in between. 

I used a similar square back-to-back towel bar  shortly before visiting this tour when a customer requested a straight lined towel bar to double as the door pull. The customer was satisfied Wilson’s  found one, and I was more than pleased with the finished appearance.

Designed and Installed by Wilson Lumber

Wilson’s two shower door lines are different in many ways. Southeastern Aluminum is customizable with the sizes and glass options. They also allow us to supply a special door handle or towel bar if our customer choses not to use their standard options. Roda by Basco doors are already a set design that includes unique door styles, glass options, and hardware. Finish options and glass options are also available!

Click on these links to see examples of what each can offer your existing or new home!

Call our Designer Closets and Cabinets department to get pricing or more information, 256-852-7411.


Home tours are fun…and we have one for you to visit.

Coming soon, the 2012 Showcase Home

brought to the Tennessee Valley by the Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association.

October 20-21, 2012 and October 27-28, 2012

Located in The Sanctuary at River Ridge Subdivision in Owens Cross Roads, AL

I would do just about anything for my family business. Well, I would not swim in a pool of sharks or go into a room full of spiders. However, when I was asked to help with the design and finish selections for the 2012 Showcase Home, I was thrilled and willing to take the time during and outside of working at the lumber company to help. Not only would I be able to use my degree in Interior Design, but I would be able to help showcase not only Wilson Lumber’s quality products but companies all over the Tennessee Valley.

Under Construction Spring 2012

It was a tedious start getting the exterior selections made. I was given a supplier and had to make the decision on materials and finishes to use. Everything I selected was presented in front of the Home Builders Association showcase home committee.  Wilson’s supplied the  PlyGem Stone, Hardie Siding, and Shutters.

Once my nervous self got done presenting – it  felt like a college presentation all over again for some reason and I have been out over two years now – it was time to begin the interior selections. Tim Reeves was great to work with. He and I got together on suppliers and interior trims and touches that make the showcase house feel like a home. Wilson’s supplied a framed mirror from Kendall-Hartcraft, Mirrors, Delaney Door hardware, South Eastern Shower Door in the Master Bath, and Bath Hardware.

View from dining room looking into the foyer and office.

I can’t give away any more sneak peaks of the house. Frankly, you just need to go see it for yourself. Wether you are remodeling, looking for a new home, landscaping, or just find home tours fun (like me) than you need to come out!

One more secret to share…the landscaping and back patio are in the works and look phenomenal.

Interested in floor plans of the house? Check out the links below or view the website for the 2012 Showcase Home:

first level floor plan

Second Level Floor Plan

Showcase Home Drawing

A follow-up post will be after the debut of the Showcase Home. There will be detailed pictures/descriptions of all the features of the home. Stay tuned at the end of October!

If you have any questions regarding the Showcase Home or Wilson Lumber, please call us today 256-852-7411 or visit our website to see our product lines and offerings, .


Shower Doors Year Round

Now, I’m not gonna lie to you.  Setting up and working the Home Show is a pain in the neck.  Each year in the March timeframe, the Huntsville/Madison County Builders Association hosts the best local Home Show there is.  And I mean that.  It is top-notch in every way.  Exhibitors have some great displays, and the attendees are great leads.

But I’ll just say it, it’s a lot of work.  It’s worth it of course, so I hate to complain.  In fact, for all its extra effort, its actually kind of fun.  The break in monotony, the trying to top last years display, the lottery for the good booth space (we’ve actually lost out on that one for a few years now, oh well).

Last year we displayed some shower doors.

Yes, we used wood frames to display them and no, of course you wouldn’t try that at home.  You should have been there during set-up.  “Is that wood? You can’t install shower doors in wood!” “Sure you can, it was easy to set up.”  “No you cant, it doesn’t look right.”  “Well, maybe not exactly but it gets attention.”  And on it went.

Forgive the K-mart bag (photobomb)

By the way, you can get them in clear or obscure glass.  Now I’ll go ahead and admit that I had no idea people would be so interested in shower doors.  The market is bigger than I thought.  I guess its on of those things where you decide to cut costs by getting a curtain and then later go, “why did we do that?” and then you buy a door.

which brings me to my point.  you don’t have to wait until the Home Show to look at shower doors.  Believe it or not, we sell them year round:)

And you wont be disappointed because the displays here at the store are also set in wood.

Come see us at 4818 Meridian Street or visit our website.

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