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Tying The Knot

I am a man of a few talents.  One such talent has served me well since I started working here at Wilson Lumber at age 12.  That is, how to quickly and safely tie down a load on a truck.  On several occasions, such a knot has been needed and I would knock it out, then hear a friend say, “Wow, that was fast.  How did you do that?”

So, I’m blogging about how to tie the official Wilson Lumber knot. I’ll place the video first and then attempt to give more specific instruction below.  Here it goes:

How is that for expert cinematography?

OK, so tie one end of the rope however you like on one side of the truck.   I could give you suggestions but my experience is that if you’re male, you wont listed to me and you’ll do this part your way:)  I will say this, it makes sense to start the rope on the passenger side of the vehicle.  That way, the knot for you to work on is on your side (assuming you’re driving).

Once the passenger side of the rope is secure, run the rope over the load and through a tie down of some sort.  Then reach as far up the rope as you can and loop it over itself.


Reach through the loop and grab the portion of rope that is closest to you.  Pull it snug and you’ll notice it tightens nicely.

Run the loose end of the rope through this loop you’ve just made.


Pull that end nice and tight.

Pinch the rope where the rope you just pulled fits through the loop (my left hand on the 2nd picture below).  This will keep it from loosening while you tie the knot.

With your other hand wrap the loose end of the rope around the tight section you are holding and pull it through the loop it makes.  Pull it to tighten away from you and it’s easier to keep the rope tight.


When you do this last part, don’t pull the rope all the way through if you have enough excess rope.  It makes it much easier to pull the knot right out.

Wow, I had no idea it would be so hard to describe tying a knot on a blog.  In fact, looking back, I’m not sure I did all that great.

Well, if you require personal instruction come on by and we’ll walk through it together.  And as always, if we can help with anything give us a call or see us at


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