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Better stick to my day job

Caution: This blog involves blood.

Not an extraordinary amount but in the context of a blog, I felt like I should warn you.  First, the good news.  I had the opportunity to go skiing with 75 other men last week at Copper Mountain in Colorado.  So you can already see how the blood will come into play.  It’s a group called Gorilla Skiers, click on that for more information.

Here is how it happened:

What you don’t see at the end is what happened when I hit the ground.  You are supposed to land on the downhill part of the ski slope.  I didn’t quite make it and landed where it’s flat.  So here is the bloody result (I had already cleaned up a bit).


Actually, that’s not the total result.  Because at that moment I didn’t realize quite how bad my heel injury was.  Oh, it’s not broken so all is well.  It’s a heel contusion (bruise).  Anyway, enough to put me on crutches.

What is broken is my helmet.  Kids, wear a helmet when skiing!  I cannot overemphasize that.

Now I cannot say that I’ve never broken anything at work.  I can say I’ve never broken any body parts at work.

Which brings me to the day job.  I can assure you that this accident caused a well deserved verbal berating at work second to none.  It’s something we excel at here at Wilson Lumber.  And that’s OK.  If we didn’t love each other, we wouldn’t kid each other.

Well, if you need any advice on ski helmets, or perhaps something to do with building materials, give us a call (256-759-1458).  Or see us on the web at


The Arc

Nope..not Noah’s Arc, not an animal shelter, this is about The Arc of Madison County.

At the beginning of January, I was asked to select colors for The Arc of Madison County.To be honest, I had to do some research on what The Arc was actually about! It is important to select colors based on the purpose of the space – so i began to research… At The Arc, they help and give assistance to individuals who have disabilities. They have numerous classrooms devoted to teaching and helping any individual. There are music rooms, art rooms, and learning rooms. Their plan was to select colors for the entry and hallways, gather paint supplies, and find volunteer groups to paint the space.

After speaking with the staff, we began selecting colors. I brought in about four different color palettes and we ended up going with my favorite – Blue, teal and a warm beige to easily brighten up the building. We could not end it there. We offered to gather a group together to join in on the painting. Our group came in after the first one. We painted, ate pizza, and were treated to some delicious cupcakes!

When you enter the building, you arrive in the foyer. It has a few seats and you are directed toward two doors. One leads you to the offices, and the sliding doors lead to you the hallway and classrooms. There are a few seats, but other than that…it was just a basic white cinderblock room. To add some warmth, I chose a tan with a hint of yellow from Valspar. “City Block” #40076,

The Hallways (where WLC Painted) were long and had a few areas where it branched off. There is a handrail that continues throughout the entire building. We used this as a divider for paint colors. “Whispy” went on top ( a light but bright blue) and “Teal Escape” was chosen to go below the railing.

We had the opportunity as a company to give some of our time back to the community. I think we all left that night knowing that  the members of The Arc would be happy with the paint color and revised hallways. Below are a few painting photos.

The Arc - Pat


I am in the back “trimming” but really looking out the window for the stray kittens. Pat was rolling but really complaining about the Pop music that was playing. Although I’m pretty positive he jammed out to a Miley Cyrus song, “Party in the USA.”

The Arc - Lindsey

Lindsay, Grace and Greg trimming out the walls. I am also positive I heard Greg singing along to a few of the Pop songs that played!

The Arc - Ryan 1

Ryan repping Wilson Lumber and trimming. Between Ryan and Greg they pretty much trimmed out the ceiling for us! You can see the “Whispy” color on the wall to the right of Ryan.


You have options when replacing doors

Door replacement is a funny animal.  One reason is because when people say “door”, they may mean a number of things and in many cases, they don’t know what they mean.  What do you mean when you say it?  You’re probably thinking, “well you dummy, its the thing that opens and you walk through it”.

DSA Pinehurst with Speakeasy

I agree with that, sort of.  Do you mean its the actual panel that swings (actually called a door slab)?  Or do you mean it to include the hinges and frame?  And if that’s the case, do you mean it to include the trim around the door as well?

So many options.  What kind of slab?  What color hinges?  Which way does it swing?  What style of trim?

Well, it’s really not terribly complicated… IF you do it everyday.

Now as for what you have to do, consider this option.  Did you know that you can replace just the door slab?  If the frame of the door is in good shape, there’s really no need to replace it.  And consequently, no need to spend extra money.  And the job becomes much easier.  The same goes for exterior and interior doors.  Oh, Did I mention that we have a lot of door slabs to choose from?

slabs1    slabs2

Here is the deal.  Simply pop the pins out of the hinges of the door slab you’d like to replace and bring it to us.

hinge1     hinge2

We can get all the measurements we need from that.  Now it may be best for you if you make an appointment to do this and then we can get your new door ready quickly, that way you only have to make one trip.  Otherwise, it is perfectly OK to bring it, let us measure, and then you can put it back in the frame while we get the new slab ready.

We’ll cut the new door slab to fit right into your current frame, all you’ll need to do is paint it and put the knob back on.  Simple, easy and economical.

All of this is why you shouldn’t trust your door replacements to just anyone.  Now I’m not willing to say that we are perfect but we have been at this a while.  We’d be honored to have your business.  To find out what you’re best option might be, give us a call at 256-852-7411 or see our website for more information.


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