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Now that’s a home office!

Oh, I use my home office as much as any other regular guy I suppose.  Do a little studying, log in to work on occasion, I even keep my guitar in there.

My problem has been that we’ve neglected that room “until we save enough to work on it”.  So as a foundation, here is where I had been doing my home office-ing:


I show that so you will know how cool I am as evidenced by the John Denver songbook on the table to the right.  Now, it’s not that there’s something wrong with a simple desk and filing cabinet.  On the other hand, it’s certainly not all that functional and definitely not warm or creativity inspiring.

So my wife and I finally decided to give our Cabinet and Closet department a shot at designing something.  Now I said that we were going to wait until we saved up enough.  Turns out, it wasn’t very expensive.  At least not what we thought it would be.

We met with Amy Hardy here at the store and told her what we needed (three file drawers, a couple of cabinets, large counter-top area, etc.  Boy, did she go way beyond what we expected.  So, long story short, here is the outcome:


Yeah, big change (sorry about the poor photography).  It’s called Freedom Rail and it’s from Organized Living.  Other than how awesome it looks, another great thing about it is how versatile it is.  Anytime I want to move things around, I can just lift it off the upright and move it.  Way cool!

I hate to brag but in this case, I was the perfect guinea pig for a blog.  We can do this in your home as well.  Give Amy a call at 256-852-7411 or visit us at


why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Every morning I stand in the closet staring at the same shirts that have been hanging there for the last year as if a new one is going to appear.  Or at least hoping one jumps up and says, “Wear me today! I’ll look great with those pants.”

It will probably come as no surprise to you that it never happens.

Anyway, when the decision is finally made, I then have to make the trek to the laundry room to turn the iron on, then go waste time somewhere while it heats up, then eventually back to the laundry room where I hope I haven’t been away so long that the iron has auto-offed on me.

But there’s hope for people like me, observe:

iron1   iron2

Ironing Boards in the Master Closet!  Are you kidding me?  If your closet has electrical outlets, a new and growing trend is to place an Iron-Fix ironing board into your space. It can be done behind drawers or it can hang on the wall.

iron3   iron4

They’re really not that expensive, they save space and they’re easy to use. They pivot 180 degrees so it can fit in tight spaces.  In the pictures above, you see how it hides away in what looks like a drawer.  So, no more hanging the ironing board off of a door which is noisy and inconvenient and wears out the door hinges.  No more walking to the laundry room every morning.  No more wasted space in the laundry room.  If only it would lay my clothes out for me…

To see one in action come by the store and see us (we don’t have any irons so don’t plan on pressing any shirts).  To read more about it go to  Actually, their whole website is full of really cool stuff so take some time there, then come by here or see even more Storage Solutions from us on the web.

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