Several years ago, one of our salesmen was called in to give testimony for a lawsuit (we were not involved).  One of the first things our attorney told us is that when asked if you are an expert, don’t say yes.  Huh?

Well, honestly that was a bit hard to swallow.  I don’t know that I’m and expert in anything but this particular salesmen is as good as they come.  The attorney explained to us that Expert is a legal term, and that you can get into all kinds of trouble if you label yourself as one.  So he instructed the salesman to say something like, “Well, I dont know what you mean by expert, but I know a lot about doors and windows”.  Attorneys, ugh. (No offense, my brother is a great one)

Anyway, it had never dawned on me that the salesmen here are not Experts.  Because in my non-legal book, they are.  Its not easy knowing all there is to know about this:


And at the same time,  know everything about this:


I wonder what else is a legal term that I could get into trouble for.  Sometimes doing business in America is like walking through a field of land mines, but I digress.

What I do not wonder about is this.  If I am going to do a project like the ones pictured above, I want experts.  I want Wilson Lumber.  Come by the store or see us on the web.

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